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Options In Surge Protection


Many plugs plugged into electric power bar

Many plugs plugged into electric power bar

*How Not To Fry Your Computer & Expensive Appliances During Storms*

Have you had power surges in the past that blow out your computer or some other appliance? Have you ever had to replace a circuit of wiring due to a surge from lighting striking nearby?

If so, you know how frustrating it is to have to buy new equipment and possibly to replace wiring. The costs from surges can skyrocket depending on how much damage they do.

Smart Choice Electric Co. wants to help you be smart about surge protection. Here is some information that can help educate you about surge protection and how to keep your expensive electronics and appliances safe.

What You Need To Know About Lightning Strike Power Surges

Getting caught off guard during a lightning storm can affect your computer and appliance equipment. Lighting strikes suddenly with no warning.

Lighting creates power surges in homes when it strikes nearby power lines and other electrical components. This sudden surge in power can fry all your electronic devices, appliances, and anything connected to the electrical wiring, phone and internet cabling.

A power surge can travel through all the cabling in your home or just through one circuit. Depending on the intensity, the surge can create substantial havoc or none at all. The problem is, you never know when a strong surge will destroy all your expensive equipment.

As professional electricians, we have had to replace whole circuits of wiring and all the components involved including panel boxes due to lighting strike surges.

Power surges can also cause fires. And, they can fry parts of your electrical system to where shorts occur to catch fire at some time later.

Whole House Surge Protection To Protect Your Home & Belongings

The best option available to protect your house, belongings, and everyone who occupies or visits the home is to invest in whole home surge protection.

Comparatively speaking, it costs way less to save yourself from serious damages or life threatening situations.

Whole house surge protection is installed into your electrical system at the panel box. It protects every circuit in the home.

GFCI and AFCI outlets are important to interrupt and power when water sources are nearby. This keeps you and your family safe from electrical shock.

Portable Surge Protection Strips & Battery Backup With Surge Protection

Portable types of surge protectors can be plugged in anywhere in your home. One problem you will find with this solution is that everything else in your home, including the wiring, outlets, lights, appliances, and more can get fried during a surge.

This solution doesn’t do anything to protect them unless you use these strips everywhere. Another problem you will find is that often surge protector power strips are only good for one surge use. After that, your electronic devices are not protected.

For more information about Surge Protection for your Marietta home, please call 626-888-5640 or complete our online request form.

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