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Does Your Home Need a Wiring Upgrade?

aluminum-wiring-los-angelesThe last thing that any home owner wants to hear is that the electrical wiring in the home needs an upgrade. A wiring upgrade in the Los Angeles County area can affect your walls, flooring, ceiling, and other crucial areas which translates into an expensive project that can be time consuming and messy. Sooner or later, however, new wiring in your Los Angeles County area home is essential in order to create a safe environment for you and your family. There are other benefits to a new upgrade that include improved performance and electrical flow for today’s modern electronics and appliances. Brand new wiring drastically improves the value of your home as well. The question then becomes when rewiring is right for you.

How Old Is Your Home?

Simply put, any home in the Los Angeles County area that is more than 40 years old needs to be considered as a strong candidate for a re-wiring. The only way to know for sure is to hire a certified electrician for an on-site inspection in order to determine both the age and the condition of all electrical components in your home including the fuse box, main panel, all wires, and outlets. A thorough assessment will give you accurate results and give you options for what needs to be done. Even if your home has been remodeled or renovated in the last 40 years, it’s not safe to assume that the wiring was replaced. The only sure way to know is with a professional comprehensive inspection.

Home Safety

Research indicates that, in Los Angeles County, the leading cause of residential fires is faulty wiring. As your house ages, the chances of a fire due to old wiring increases exponentially. In some homes, the electrical wiring such as knob and tube wiring, dates all the way to the 1920’s. Although this type of electrical system is still fully functional, it doesn’t meet modern California codes and often experiences considerable deterioration with much of the wiring exposed. There are observable indications that your wiring is dangerous such as recurring blown fuses, electric current flowing through your appliances, flickering and dimming lights when the AC kicks in or outlets that look burnt or have a brown discoloring. If you experience any of these indicators, then an inspection may be necessary.

Power Efficiency and Energy Savings

Most holder homes have enough power to push 60 amps. This used to be more than adequate. Today’s electronics and appliances, however, require far more energy use. There are also more electronics in the home such as computers, televisions, modems, kitchen items, and other electronic components which are all being utilized simultaneously. This means that both your wiring and your electronic panels are having to work overtime in order to generate more current to all of these items. If your wiring in the Los Angeles County area is old, then it’s not performing efficiently which means you’re spending more money each month on your energy bill.

Prepare Your Home With a Proper Upgrade

If you’re going to invest the money and the time to upgrade your home, then you need to think about future needs and upcoming technology. Explore all of your options and look into heavy duty wiring and cables that is projected to handle the amount of electricity that may be needed in 20-30 years from now. With the ongoing changes in modern technology and equipment it’s difficult to speculate what your home will need down the road, but it’s always best to be prepared. If you’re thinking about selling your home, this is a major selling point as well.

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